Naturade Vegansmart Plant Based Protein Powder, Vanilla, 22.8 Ounce



  • VEGANSMART PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER: 20g of non-GMO protein, dietary fiber, no cholesterol, and zero trans-fat vegan protein powder
  • MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE: Delicious, all-in-one shake, low calorie, prebiotics, dietary fiber and omega 4
  • WHOLE FOOD COMPLEX: Nine different fruits and vegetables, polyphenols, antioxidants, and flavonoids
  • 23 VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Everyday nutrition, healthy cell function, post workout
  • BREAKFAST SHAKE OR ON THE GO: Protein berry granola bowl or shake/blend with your favorite liquid

Naturade Vegansmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake

Vegansmart wins with taste and nutrition. With 2 scoops you get a full meal and 20 grams of plant based protein that your whole family will love. It’s so delicious you can have more than one serving daily for optimal results and not feel guilty!

No one likes the word ‘no’ unless it’s before things like No Artificial Sweetners or Flavors like Vegansmart. Instead try yes. Yes, add it to your favourite smoothie. Yes, enjoy it on the go. Yes, use as a meal replacement. Yes, enjoy it’s deliciousness.