Supreme Alpha LEAN, Post Workout Recovery for Men



  • Supreme Alpha Lean Recovery for Men: has been designed and developed solely for you MEN out there who are looking to get leaner and recover faster after exercise.
  • Ingredients & Benefits: Carbohydrate blend for faster absorption and better digestion; Branched chain amino acids to help maintain muscles; Chromium picolinate to decrease post workout cravings; Vitamins and Minerals to improve the recovering process.
  • Serving Size & Suggested Use: 15 Large servings per container. Mix 1 rounded scoops (22g) with 12 fl. oz. cold water. For best results should be taken within 30 minutes after exercise.
  • Transparent Label: No proprietary blends which will allow you to see each ingredient and dosage in our Supreme Alpha formula.
  • Post exercise recovery faster for Men to maintain of a healthy lifestyle.