KAGED MUSCLE, PRE-KAGED Pre Workout Powder, Fruit Punch, 20 Servings



  • INSANE ENERGY & FOCUS – PRE-KAGED pre-workout powder is the perfect pre-workout energy supplement for explosive energy throughout your workout. Its quality ingredients allow you to unleash the power within you to dominate your workouts.
  • MASSIVE MUSCLE PUMP – The PRE-KAGED formula packs a hefty 6.5g of Pure L-Citrulline for powerful muscle pumps. KAGED MUSCLE citrulline is plant sourced and boosts nitric oxide.*
  • EASY MIXING – Rapidly dissolving BCAAs allow you to mix your pre-workout faster so you can enjoy the proven 2:1:1 blend ratio. Most importantly, our plant-based branched chain amino acids are processed through natural fermentation to extract amino acids that taste better, mix easier, and are of a much higher quality.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBABLE – Each serving of PRE-KAGED pre-workout has 1.5g highly soluble, Patented Creatine HCl.* KAGED MUSCLE creatine powder puts quality above all else and is designed to fuel your muscles.
  • BANNED SUBSTANCE FREE – With so many pre-workout supplements around, it is important that you know exactly where to find quality tested and clean pre-workout ingredients. PRE-KAGED pre-workout powder is third party tested to be free from banned substances. See exactly what’s in each product with full ingredient transparency on the label.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.