Lipogen PS Plus Memory & Focus Brain Booster Supplement, 60 Softgels



  • SHARPEN BRAIN FUNCTION – Upgrade your daily life with Lipogen PS Plus. Strengthens information recall, boosts memory formation and increases problem-solving abilities. Bring your cognitive performance to a new level!
  • ENHANCE CONCENTRATION – Lipogen PS Plus Extra Brain Booster supplement is designed to give your brain the ingredients it needs to sharpen concentration. Gain focus and clarity, energize your creativity, and expand your learning capacity with our proven formula.
  • IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE – Decrease stress, boost your mood, and regain confidence with Lipogen! Add the PS Plus Extra into your daily self-care regimen and experience the difference of an uplifted mental state.
  • ONLY POSITIVE EFFECTS – Lipogen PS Plus Extra gives your brain big benefits without any negative side effects. NO negative ingredients that impact your blood pressure (such as ginkgo) or make you sleepy (such as bacopa monnieri or valerian).
  • THE GOLD STANDARD: Lipogen PS Plus is the tried and tested Lipogen formula, dose and quality. Lipogen manufactures all quality key ingredients. Contains NO generic or copycat ingredients. The patented Lipogen PS Plus Extra formula is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement whose quality ingredients work in synergy to improve memory and brain performance.