EFX Sports Karbolyn Fuel, Chocolate Overload (4 LB 4.8 OZ)

$79.99 $64.99


  • GREAT SOURCE OF SIMPLE AND COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES Contains balanced amount of simple sugar – for quick release of energy, and complex sugar – for long-term source energy source to sustain endurance and power up high-intensity workouts
  • PROVIDES LONG LASTING ENERGY AND ENDURANCE Pre workout powder drink with high performance compounds found from its key ingredients – potato, rice and corn, that fuel the body to achieve optimal performance
  • BOOSTS STRENGTH AND STAMINA FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE Along with protein powder drink, Karbolyn Fuel is an ideal supplement to include into your pre-workout and post-workout diet to help you maximize your athletic performance
  • CLINICALLY TESTED INTENSE ENERGY SUPPLEMENT Karbolyn helps maintain the supply of energy that you need when engaging in intense workouts such as weight lifting, body building, weight gain exercises and many more
  • CARB LOADING IN MINUTES, NOT HOURS Experience the fast-acting, long-lasting, high-performance energy source only from Karbolyn Fuel for sustained energy levels, enhanced endurance and faster muscle recovery