EFX Sports Karbolyn Fuel | Neutral (2 LB 3.3 OZ)

$47.99 $38.99


  • Pre, Intra, Post Workout Carbohydrate Supplement Powder
  • Carb Load, Energize, Improve & Recover Faster
  • Informed Sport – Trusted by Sport
  • Dietary Supplement that is Easy to Mix
  • Provides Energy & Endurance

When mixed with water Karbolyn Fuel is a food-derived carbohydrate drink that is rapidly absorbed supplying working muscles with the fuel it needs for optimal performance. Karbolyn Fuel is sugar-free, gluten-free and stimulant free rapidly absorbed carbohydrate source that supply your body with the raw fuel it needs for optimal performance and muscle gorging-pumps. Absolutely nothing can fuel your monster workouts like Karbolyn Fuel.