Hoist Drink Watermelon Isotonic Hydration, 16 Fl Oz, 12-Pack



  • Watermelon hydration Hoist drink: premium low-calorie rapid hydration drink that keeps your body balanced and your taste buds happy.
  • Isotonic solution: Hoist Drink is the perfect combination of electrolytes, carbohydrates, and water to replenish the fluids, natural sugar, and nutrients in your body.
  • Recovery mode: packed with sodium and potassium to minimize physical as well as mental fatigue, restoring energy to your body and Mind after exercise, sports, travel, illness, and alcohol.
  • Tastes delicious, naturally flavored: free of unnatural sweeteners, artificial coloring, and high-fructose corn syrup, Hoist Drink is healthy and tastes delicious too.
  • No cramping or sluggishness: Hoist Drink is absorbed straight into your bloodstream for instant hydration, without giving you water Belly.