Science in Sport Go Hydro Electrolyte Tablets, Lemon Flavor, 20 Tablets



  • BEAT FATIGUE: during moderate to intense exercise, vital electrolytes are lost through sweat; if they are not replaced, dehydration will occur (a major cause of fatigue). Go Hydro is designed to assist and replace key electrolytes at a specific concentration (30mmol/L) to support optimal physical performance.
  • DROP IN WATER & GO: Our effervescent Go Hydro tablets (20 per tube) are designed to be simply dissolved into 500ml of water to create a highly effective electrolyte drink.
  • GREAT TASTE AND FLAVORS: Go Hydro replenishes electrolytes and comes in a variety of flavors that are refreshingly crisp and easy to drink.
  • LOW CARBOHYDRATE: 10 calories per tablet and less than 1g of sugar per tab, these are designed for those who need electrolyte support, without the carbohydrates.
  • INFORMED SPORT APPROVED: Our world-class approach to banned substance testing makes us the nutrition partner of choice for world champions and Olympians, including athletes at USA cycling, USA Triathlon, CanyonSram and Team Ineos.