Improve Endurance, Recovery Citrulline Malate 2:1



  • PREMIUM WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT: A combination of the potent amino acid L-citrulline and malic acid in a 2:1 proportion, this is a potent supplement to help you increase your performance in the gym
  • PUMP LIKE NEVER BEFORE: Citrulline malate benefits include improved blood flow in muscles, helping enhance your pump during exercises, as well as promoting strength and endurance so you can lift heavier and harder, and pump your muscles like never before
  • RECOVER FASTER: L-citrulline is a powerful amino acid, and can help widen your blood vessels and help increase your blood flow; this means that the citrulline malate powder promotes a faster recovery time and helps reduce muscle fatigue
  • WORKOUT LONGER: With our citrulline supplement, you can reduce soreness by lowering lactic acid production during intense workouts; it will help remove excess ammonia and lower muscle pH leading to a reduction in muscle burn
  • PURE FORMULA: We only use the highest quality ingredients to make sure you get all the citrulline malate benefits. So you can rest assured you won’t find any additives or fillers in our citrulline malate powder; it is third party tested, unflavored and will rapidly blend into your pre-workout shake