Vitargo Carb Powder, 4.4 LBS Lemon & Lime, Pre Workout & Post Workout



  • THE FASTEST FUEL FOR YOUR WORKOUT. Fast fuel to your muscles. Scientifically formulated to carb load 2x faster than any other carb powder available. Leaves the stomach faster than maltodextrin, HBCD, dextrose, super-starch, and waxy maize, giving a near instant boost in fuel to your muscles. A trade secret and favorite among professional athletes, Olympians, and celebrities.
  • CLEAN, STIMULANT FREE ENERGY PREWORKOUT. 100% Sugar Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, BSCG Drug-Free Certified.
  • POST WORKOUT SAME DAY RECOVERY. Supports muscle recovery after an intense workout with no bloating and no crashing. Replenish muscle glycogen 70% faster with 77% greater glycogen recovery vs other sports drinks taken after intense glycogen depleting workouts.
  • EASY TO DIGEST. A completely unique complex carb powder that digests fast, but gives you lasting fuel without bloating or intestinal discomfort.
  • SMART STACKING. Vitargo Lemon & Lime carb powder is easily stacked with your pre, intra, or post workout supplements like BCAAs, Caffeine, Glutamine, Creatine, Carnitine, or Electrolytes.