BiPro Protein Water with 20g Whey Protein, Lemon, 16.9 Oz Pack of 12

$57.49 $46.99


  • 12- 16.9 oz bottles
  • 20 grams of protein (100% from Whey Protein isolate)
  • Lactose, gluten and sugar free
  • Naturally flavored & Sweetened (no dyes)
  • Nsf Certified for Sport

Lean. Clean. Protein. Get power from your water, with BiPro Protein Water. Delicious and refreshing, BiPro Protein Water is packed with 20g of whey protein isolate, so you can quickly maximize your metabolic and recovery performance. 90 calories, 0g of fat, Sugar or carbohydrates, BiPro Protein Water gives you the protein you need to thrive, without fillers or additives.

5 ingredients: Purified Water, whey protein isolate (milk), natural flavor, Citric Acid, stevia leaf Extract 100% whey protein isolate dye-free: no artificial colors or dyes added made with natural ingredient and 2.5g Leucine to promote healthy muscle growth NSF Certified for sports gluten free lactose free.

For best results, drink:

  • Morning: when you wake up supply your body with vital amino acids to help kick-start your metabolism for the day
  • Pre-workout: before your workout fuel your muscles prep your body to burn more calories during your workout to improve exercise performance
  • Post-workout: after your workout maximize and speed up recovery to stimulate muscle growth and curb your hunger.
  • Evening: before you go bed drinking BiPro Protein Water can boost your metabolism, by burning fat and calories while you rest.