ATHLET Best L Carnitine, 1000 mg, 180 Tabs



  • SAFELY SUPPORTS ENERGY PRODUCTION. Do you get tired in the middle of your workout? ATHLET Best L Carnitine supports the body’s natural ability to produce energy in muscles, which can result in more powerful workouts!
  • SUPPORTS MUSCLE STRESS REDUCTION. In pain after an intense workout? L-Carnitine supports the body’s ability to reduce muscle stress, which can result in less pain after your workout.
  • SUPPORTS FAT BURNING. Having trouble achieving your desired body fat percentage? L-Carnitine supports the mechanism through which cells in the body burn fat!
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS. ATHLET Best L Carnitine supports weight loss, especially when you combine it with sufficient omega-3 fish oils and exercise.
  • MADE IN USA! USP Grade. Manufactured in a NSF GMP Certified Facility.