Protein Powders

Best Protein Powders

Choosing the best protein powders for your needs might look like a daunting task.  Looking at all the different kinds of protein supplements available on the market, we can see why it’s easy to get lost.  So, here is a little bit of information to help you in your choices.

First, there are whey, casein and egg proteins that are from animal origins.  Then, pea, hemp, brown rice and mixed plant proteins that are from vegetal origins.

Finally, to make sure you get the best protein powders that suits your needs, you have to be aware that there are three common forms of protein supplements :

  • Protein concentrates that are, like the name says, a concentrated extract of the protein.  That means this form of supplement will also contain a certain amount of carbs and fat.
  • Protein isolates have been filtered to remove most of the fat and carbs, which means the supplement contains almost only proteins.
  • Protein hydrolysates use processes to break down the proteins and make them quicker and easier to absorb in your body.